Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Merry CHRIST mas!

Wow! It's been a whirl wind of activity! 
#1-1/2. Steph's and Scott Walton Wedding BABY KAELY : Missy and Mike's new baby girl (MY NEW NIECE! born Dec. 15th 2008) from TX to KS, then to Nauvoo, ILL. ice storm, license power outage right when they were done signing  it!, locked out of room....hahah..
#2. Fun reception in , cousins.
#3 hmmm...Christmas cards oh, Christmas cards...when ever will I send you I printed you with now time left, bought new stamps but now address. With printer ink that just was gone, I had to buy some but it took too long. I left my home, without the stamps, then bought some more in KANSAS -sas.   Oh for all my dear ones you should know, that I love you even if you don't... get a letter from me this year... just know that you are in my thoughts are prayers! I love you all through out the year!! 
From baby shower, to bridal shower to marathon, travel and highschool reunion....