Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tribute to my sweet aunt Jennifer

It’s great to see all of you dressed in red to honor Jennifer, who died on Valentines day. Thank you for doing that for her. I’d like to read a poem that came from this plaque that was my mom’s when she was growing up, that Jennifer had:

  “Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.”

Jennifer loved life. Her sister, my mom, said, “Jennifer as a child always attracted lots of attention because of her jovial attitude, blonde hair and bright blue eyes.”

Now in her passing she still continues to draw lots of attention from people everywhere, who felt her love. Many of these people are here today.

Jennifer was a neon light in a dark room.  Her smile,laugh, and self-confidence drew people to her.  If you met her once in your life, you’d remember her.  She had a way about her that made you feel loved and special.  She was always willing to listen to your problems, talk to you and give you advice.

Jennifer collected crafts like she collected friends.  She was always making something to give to someone.  She was skilled at cooking and loved to host lots of parties and family gatherings.  It was always exciting to see how she would decorate her home or taste her feast she’d created.  Her creativity expanded outdoors into gardening and planting.  She beautified outdoors as well as inside.  Her home was like a Garden of Eden.  She would use her talents to bless everyone.  She’d make food, sew, create jewelry especially designed for your liking.  She had projects around her home half-finished to give to someone else.

Jennifer’s generosity and love for nature extended from little critters, stray dogs and cats to The God that created her.  Jennifer’s nurturing personality attracted many people.  Babies would be soothed by her just holding them.  She struggled to have her own children, but she was the mother to many.  These friendships spread from every where she ever lived and became life-long enduring relationships of love and trust.

Eventually after years she was able to have a son.  During a special temple ceremony, family and friends gathered to witness a heavenly bond that was created that sealed their son Aidan to Jennifer and Jeff, that extends beyond death and family heritage.  Her faith in God and His plan for her life brought peace and reassurance of His love for her.

As Jennifer continued to enjoy life as a mother, she continued to struggle with health problems.  Her pains from arthritis or sore foot made it a challenge to wear her favorite stylish shoes.  She always wore a scrunchie on her hand to keep pain low.

As she seemingly got better at times, she continued to care for her husband and son and, in a way, that would bring them peace after her death.  Jennifer wrote notes at different times for Aidan encouraging him to be strong physically and mentally and apologizing for being hard on him, but that she wanted him to be spiritually strong too.

Jeff, her husband, found journal entries on typed paper, hidden in random places, mixed among recipes.  These notes caused Jeff great joy and laughter.

The night before her passing Jennifer and Jeff were joking with each other.  Jennifer felt that something might be wrong and asked Jeff, “ Hold me.”  Jennifer passed away in her true love’s arms on Valentine’s Day, to return to her creator.  

In her Patriarchal Blessing Jennifer was counseled and lived by this, the blessing reads:

“So as you go through life look for beauty, look for the good of mankind, those that may be in need of counsel, help them, and show them how to live.  Through your conduct you will be the means of helping many to come to the knowledge of the Savior.”

Jennifer-as you reached for our hands, you touched our hearts.

            In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just testing!

I am linking my facebook with ya'll so you can join me!! I need to figure this thang out too! Anyone want to teach me?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Merry CHRIST mas!

Wow! It's been a whirl wind of activity! 
#1-1/2. Steph's and Scott Walton Wedding BABY KAELY : Missy and Mike's new baby girl (MY NEW NIECE! born Dec. 15th 2008)...drive from TX to KS, then to Nauvoo, ILL. ice storm, license power outage right when they were done signing  it!, locked out of room....hahah..
#2. Fun reception in , cousins.
#3 hmmm...Christmas cards oh, Christmas cards...when ever will I send you I printed you with now time left, bought new stamps but now address. With printer ink that just was gone, I had to buy some but it took too long. I left my home, without the stamps, then bought some more in KANSAS -sas.   Oh for all my dear ones you should know, that I love you even if you don't... get a letter from me this year... just know that you are in my thoughts are prayers! I love you all through out the year!! 
From baby shower, to bridal shower to marathon, travel and highschool reunion.... 

Friday, August 15, 2008

San Antonio!

I found out that a friend was getting married IN TEXAS..... since there are only 3 temples I thought I would make the trip!  It was the farthest one away.... 5 hours.  That really is NOTHING.... compared to one friend Heika from California who drove to Nebraska for our wedding with a few siblings!  
     I was determined to do it! Thanks to a good friend who is  very flexible work, getting her graphic design business going, kindly came with us!!!  Just the 4 girls! To adults and two little ones....what an adventure!

I really know how to pack it all in!  That morning we had a Joy School meeting, then promptly after that we picked up Cynthia! Then on to San Antone.  We met up at the Witte Museum and played with Katherine and Anabel Pearson! This is my marathon mama....  We got to finally meet cute little 6 mo. old JP too! Then on to see Great-grandma- Adams! 

The next day was the wedding and we got up ate a yummy breakfast of all you can eat----ahem---yes, I had to take advantage of the fruit too: and then off to the wedding.  Sweet Cynthia took the girls outside of the temple since they we're allowed in. She  really handled them well, under a tree the whole time to keep cool! What friend and trooper!! Every time we had a chance to take a small break to eat, we ate. WE ate.   We realized that it burned a lot of calories lifting, chasing those little munchkins ... especially in an area where we were out of our comfort zone--- a living room etc. for example.   Let's just say, Reagan had fun at "some restaurant" where she found a giant cockroach  and cricket to follow.   I for sure gave both kids baths each day!
   I'm really procrastinating...or avoiding cleaning my room..... I guess some things really don't change.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby Bird...I mean NEWBORN

So last night when Steph came home from her 'outting' with a guy...she was just walking up the front porch and saw a little bird trying to flap around. It could only barely walk. It still has fuzz on its wings. 
The neighbor's cat strolls all over and I was for SURE going to take it in. So I did. I then had to read about what to feed it. I called a couple neighbors, animal services, autobon  not german..just the bird watching thing--or something locally...nothing. So, I read how to make a concoction of stuff that I had....dog food-check, hard-boiled egg yolk- check, meal worms-check (left over from my beta fish, hot water...so I had to learn how to pry it's little beak open and force the food down it's mouth. I became its 'mommy'.

I was determined to help this little creature live through the night. So at 2 am I set my alarm to go off and fed it...yes, like a newborn. It seemed barely breathing...this morning, at 6am it was more alert and had even had 'movements' yeah! It was being nourished!! I'm so glad!! 

I just put it outside, near it's nest, in a diaper box (it's home inside of a home) with a paper napkin nest. It is neat, that cliff swallows are INSECT eaters...so they need the protein for nourishment.

It was neat to even let Courtney pet it! !! I'll have to post pictures soon!