Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby Bird...I mean NEWBORN

So last night when Steph came home from her 'outting' with a guy...she was just walking up the front porch and saw a little bird trying to flap around. It could only barely walk. It still has fuzz on its wings. 
The neighbor's cat strolls all over and I was for SURE going to take it in. So I did. I then had to read about what to feed it. I called a couple neighbors, animal services, autobon  not german..just the bird watching thing--or something locally...nothing. So, I read how to make a concoction of stuff that I food-check, hard-boiled egg yolk- check, meal worms-check (left over from my beta fish, hot I had to learn how to pry it's little beak open and force the food down it's mouth. I became its 'mommy'.

I was determined to help this little creature live through the night. So at 2 am I set my alarm to go off and fed it...yes, like a newborn. It seemed barely breathing...this morning, at 6am it was more alert and had even had 'movements' yeah! It was being nourished!! I'm so glad!! 

I just put it outside, near it's nest, in a diaper box (it's home inside of a home) with a paper napkin nest. It is neat, that cliff swallows are INSECT they need the protein for nourishment.

It was neat to even let Courtney pet it! !! I'll have to post pictures soon!

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