Friday, August 15, 2008

San Antonio!

I found out that a friend was getting married IN TEXAS..... since there are only 3 temples I thought I would make the trip!  It was the farthest one away.... 5 hours.  That really is NOTHING.... compared to one friend Heika from California who drove to Nebraska for our wedding with a few siblings!  
     I was determined to do it! Thanks to a good friend who is  very flexible work, getting her graphic design business going, kindly came with us!!!  Just the 4 girls! To adults and two little ones....what an adventure!

I really know how to pack it all in!  That morning we had a Joy School meeting, then promptly after that we picked up Cynthia! Then on to San Antone.  We met up at the Witte Museum and played with Katherine and Anabel Pearson! This is my marathon mama....  We got to finally meet cute little 6 mo. old JP too! Then on to see Great-grandma- Adams! 

The next day was the wedding and we got up ate a yummy breakfast of all you can eat----ahem---yes, I had to take advantage of the fruit too: and then off to the wedding.  Sweet Cynthia took the girls outside of the temple since they we're allowed in. She  really handled them well, under a tree the whole time to keep cool! What friend and trooper!! Every time we had a chance to take a small break to eat, we ate. WE ate.   We realized that it burned a lot of calories lifting, chasing those little munchkins ... especially in an area where we were out of our comfort zone--- a living room etc. for example.   Let's just say, Reagan had fun at "some restaurant" where she found a giant cockroach  and cricket to follow.   I for sure gave both kids baths each day!
   I'm really procrastinating...or avoiding cleaning my room..... I guess some things really don't change.

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gina said...

hi this is gina sweeney. i was just reading my comments and you left a comment a couple weeks back and i'm just trying to figure out who you are. sorry, i'm just racking my brain and i can't come up with anything. thanks.